Anti-Viral Aloe Vera Hand Sanitizer

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  1. After reading these recipes I find it necessary to inform people that if you dilute 60% alcohol then you no longer have a 60% concentration of alcohol in your DIY sanitizer. To formulate your sanitizer so that you have the correct concentration of alcohol in your finished product you will need to divide the percent that you want by the percent of alcohol you have on hand. For example, if I have a bottle of 91% isopropyl alcohol and I want to make a sanitizer with a 60% concentration of alcohol then I would divide 60 by 91%, which is 65.9%. So, 65.9% of your recipe would need to be the 91% alcohol.

  2. I forgot to add….. after the 65.9% alcohol you would be left with 34.1% TOTAL for other ingredients to ensure the proper concentration of alcohol is maintained. The math works for whatever alcohol you have on hand that is greater than 60%.

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