Aloe Vera Burn

Would you like some Aloe Vera for that Burn?


A saying from the younger generation around today that seams to be prevalent on social media platforms such as Twitter.


Nowadays if you get insulted majorly, teased, caught out, punk’d, slagged, or made a fool it is said that you have gotten “Burned” the most common meaning of this slang. Over time this term has naturally evolved to make it even worse to the person being insulted to include “Would you like some Aloe Vera for that Burn” meaning someone has gotten a real roasting. Which is all just a bit of fun and innocent banter online.

But when you actually think of what people are saying when they mention this term, they could’nt be making a statement that’s more true! “Would you like some Aloe Vera for that Burn” it is so true that Aloe Vera is one of the best natural remedies for wound healing and for the treatment or burns. Aloe Vera has been used as far back through time as can be remembered or documented, the oldest record of the plant dates back to 2100 BC.


The Aloe Vera plant and its healing properties have become a product most common place in our daily lives to reach for when we have something wrong with our bodies and we need to heal and is especially useful in the treatment for burns.

 Aloe Vera a perfect treatment for burns.

More recent studies have backed up its claims as a powerful natural alternative healing remedy.

Here is an extract from one such study:

An experimental study was designed using Hartley guinea pigs, who received full-thickness burns covering 3 percent of their body surface area by direct contact with a hot plate. A total of 40 animals were equally divided among four modalities of closed burn wound management as follows: group I: silver sulfadiazine (Silvadine); group II: Aloe Vera gel extract; group III: salicylic acid cream (aspirin); and group IV: plain gauze occlusive dressing only. The dressings were changed daily, and the size and appearance of each burn wound were recorded until complete healing. On the sixth post burn day, quantitative burn wound cultures were made. The average time to complete healing in the control group was 50 days, and the only significant difference was found in the Aloe vera-treated animals, which healed on an average of 30 days (p less than 0.02). Wound bacterial counts were effectively decreased by silver sulfadiazine (p = 0.015) and by Aloe vera extract (p = 0.015). From our data it appears that Aloe gel extracts permit a faster healing of burn wounds.”

Comparative Evaluation Of Aloe Vera In The Management Of Burn Wounds In Guinea Pigs Rodriguez-Bigas M; Cruz NI; Suárez A Surgical Research Laboratories, University Of Puerto Rico School Of Medicine Plast Reconstr Surg 81(3):386-9 1988 Mar

Aloe Vera is a truly magical natural resource that mother nature has given to us.

I can also speak from my own experience of having to reach for my Aloe Vera Gel and I can probably speak for a lot of people who have ended up in the same situation.

Last year I travelled to Orlando Florida for a short vacation. After the long flight and effort getting to the hotel all I wanted to do was to have a long soak in the hotel’s swimming pool and feel the warm Florida sun on my skin to unwind and finally feel that I have left the stress’s of my work week behind.

I got out of the swimming pool after about and hour and took a little rest on my sun lounger, without sunscreen I might add Doh! I fell asleep in the warm sun. Can you guess what happened next? Doesn’t take a rocket scientist right? I woke up with a nasty burning on my skin 🙁 and as the evening progressed my skin turned redder and redder and by the end of the evening I was as red as a Boston Lobsta! I was noticing people walking by me and laughing. I looked like the picture above. It was the worst sun burn I had ever gotten!


I have to say my only saving grace was to reach for my Aloe Vera Gel it instantly cooled and calmed the affected area and moisturised my sun burned skin and promoted recovery. Within two days after my silly mistake (which I have learned from and will never do again!) my skin was starting to feel better and I could venture back out to the swimming pool and enjoy the rest of my vacation, and of course with my sun block on this time 😉

I cant recommend Aloe Vera enough. Thank you mother nature!

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