How To Make An Aloe Vera Facial Scrub And Body Scrub With Recipes
Exfoliate With Aloe Vera Facial Scrub

How To Make An Aloe Vera Facial Scrub And Body Scrub With Recipes

Easy To Make Aloe Scrub Recipes For Face And Body

Buying the right cosmetics is not always easy with so much choice, every health and beauty product offers the newest ‘’cutting edge technology’’ and is apparently better than anything else on the market.

Often these claims are false and we are left disappointed with the lack of results from our purchases- in turn making us dubious to repeat the same mistake again.

One of the few products that has stood the test of time is Aloe Vera, natural remedies usually work best and therefore you see Aloe Vera so readily available in the market. It offers so many health benefits that you can use it daily with no risks.

Imagine going one step better than buying a product with Aloe Vera in that you trust and making your own Aloe Vera scrub recipes so you can REALLY trust what goes into it. Aloe Vera Scrubs are great for your skin and can get to work rejuvenating skin cells almost instantly.

Did you know?

In our youth, our body responds to everything in a better manner, you can expect skin cells to renew themselves every month. After the age of 30 this process slows down so it is wise to start taking more care and fight the aging process as much as possible using safe techniques.

Examples Of An Aloe Face Scrubs Being Made On Video

Why Use An Aloe Vera Facial Scrub?

  • Using a Aloe Vera facial scrub is a sure-fire way to make your skin look healthier and recover, looking revitalized instead of dry and weathered from environmental damage, age and lifestyle choices.
  • Facial scrubbing is not as harsh as it may sound- it is actually a gentle procedure that can pave the way for new skin cells to grow whilst removing dead skin cells from the surface of your face.
  • Dead skin cells can make your appearance look older than you are, they can clog pores with dirt and other bacteria too. Exfoliation with Aloe Vera unclogs pores and allows your new skin cells to breathe and grow freely.
  • Exfoliation with Aloe reduces the size of your pores and makes your face look smoother all over.

Why Make Your Own Aloe Vera Scrub At Home?

Not only is it easy to make your own Aloe Vera scrub recipes but it can also be a lot of fun to do. Aloe Vera can be mixed safely with so many different ingredients that the world is your oyster.

We had some great fun making our own recipes and plan to share them with you later in the article but first let’s have a closer look at what makes Aloe Vera such an important component of any facial scrub recipe.

1. Aloe Vera Is A Natural Way To Fortify The Protection Of Your Skin

Your skin has a very important job as your first line of defence from the world around you as well as being a true reflection of your overall health.

The salicylic acid in true aloe has anti-bacterial properties that keep germs away from entering your system and damaging skin cells.

This can also speed up the healing process and prevent irritation or inflammation caused by cuts, burns or acne etc.

2. Aloe Vera Helps Skin Cells Regenerate

Our skin can be damaged by sun rays and too much exposure- Aloe Vera is commonly used to soothe sun burned skin but is just as effective when applied to a facial scrub remedy.

Enzymes found in aloe gel can remove dead skin from your body and face without being too abrasive like some other products.

Making it ideal for sensitive skin and helping your immune response by activating the necessary healing processes to happen in a clean environment.

3. Aloe Facial Scrubs Deliver Anti-Oxidant Activity

Free radicals damage our body inside and out by creating oxidative stress. This speeds up the aging process and nobody wants that to happen!

Free radicals are responsible for abnormal cell activity and damage the cells surrounding them.

Anti-oxidants bind to cells that have been over ran by free radicals and stabilise them.

This can prevent discolouring of skin and lessen the harshness of some health conditions. Some of the top anti-oxidants found in Aloe gel are Vitamin A and C.​

4. Aloe Vera Will Give You A Boost In Collagen Formation

To go in to the full benefits of collagen protecting and forming strong skin cells would take a full article or 3!

Aloe Vera contains collagen that boosts the fibroblasts in your skin, in turn this will make skin tighter, firmer and less prone to damage.

This also gives the benefit of cleansing skin and reducing fine lines.​

5. Aloe Vera Is Made Up Almost Entirely Of Water

Aloe can be a wonderful way to moisturize your skin when added to a face scrub recipe.

Some facial scrubs can leave your skin feeling dry and may even make bad skin worse.

Aloe gel can permeate skin cells and boost the oxygen uptake that skin cells receive.

Aloe Vera Facial Scrub

Things To Avoid When Exfoliating

Exfoliating the skin should never be done too often as your skin will do it to a certain degree naturally. Exfoliating too often can damage the new skin cells, remember that this procedure is to boost the productivity of new skin cells not disturb them.

Women should not wear makeup and have bare, clean skin before trying any exfoliation techniques. The process will not work correctly if you don’t follow this advice. You cannot remove dead skin cells and unclog pores if they are trapped under a layer of makeup.

Also just to mention exfoliating is not just for women!! More and more men are starting to look after their skin in a proper way too and we hope they find benefit in this article.

How To Prepare Your Skin For Aloe Exfoliation

Preparing your skin for using a facial scrub is just as essential for the entire process to work to its full potential.

Do you have sensitive skin, oily, normal or dry? These are all factors that should be considered when making your Aloe scrub recipes- or buying one.

One should always cleanse your face and hands gently before using a facial scrub, this means the active ingredients can work deeply inside the pores of your skin without any interference from bacteria organisms.

What To Look Out For When Buying An Aloe Vera Scrub

  • Is aloe listed as one of the main ingredients?
  • Are all the products used certified as natural and organic?
  • Are you allergic to any of the ingredients or additives?

How To Make An Aloe Vera Scrub At Home

The 2 most common choices to use as a base for Aloe Vera facial scrubs is salt and sugar. The good news is they are both readily available and not expensive to buy.

Benefits Of Using A Salt Aloe Scrub​

Salt bases tend to be more abrasive so are not ideal for sensitive skin, they can be good for people who have drier skin though as the rough abrasion of salt can help remove dry skin cells.

Salt is naturally full of minerals and sea salt is literally packed with them- the minerals are one of nature’s purifiers that reduce toxins and promote better circulation.

The best salts to use are Mediterranean, Himalayan or Dead Sea salts- these are the richest in nutrients including iron, copper, magnesium and calcium.

Benefits Of Using A Sugar Aloe Scrub

For sensitive skin types sugar can be a better base as it is less abrasive and dissolves easier when mixed with true aloe gel and other components.

Sugar bases don’t have the same nutrients as a salt scrub but remember you are adding Aloe Vera and that has over 70 natural active ingredients.

Sugar contains glycolic acid that can help protect skin from environmental damage and is vital for healthy skin.​

Aloe Vera Scrub Recipes

Aloe Scrub For Dry Skin


  • 1 cup of fresh Aloe Gel
  • ¼ cup of organic honey
  • ¼ cup of olive oil
  • ½ cup of fresh uncooked oats


  1. Prepare your fresh aloe gel from your Aloe Vera plant. Carefully dissect the leaf and remove fleshy translucent meat.
  2. Blend your oats into a fine powder then mix in a container with olive oil and honey.
  3. You can heat this gently in a pan (optional) or work it through with your hands until you get an even consistency. Do not over heat the mixture as the sugar will burn and ruin your concoction.
  4. Add in your fresh Aloe Gel when the ingredients are at room temperature. Whisk for 2 minutes and you should have a nice paste-like substance ready to be used as a facial scrub.

Aloe Scrub For Sensitive Skin


  • ½ cup of fresh Aloe Vera Gel
  • 2 teaspoons of organic cane sugar
  • ¼ cup of mineral water
  • 1 teaspoon of orange juice
  • A few drops of lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon of lavender essential oil


  1. Simply add all ingredients into a bowl and mix together with your fingers until you get a smooth consistency. This one should smell as nice as it will feel on your sensitive skin.

Aloe Scrub For Normal Skin / Revitalizing


  • 1 teaspoon of organic pink Himalayan rock salt
  • 2 tbs argan oil
  • 1 teaspoon of green tea powder
  • ¼ cup of Aloe Vera Gel
  • A few drops of tea tree essential oil


  1. Carefully prepare your Aloe Gel from the leaf and cleanse it gently, then combine all of the other ingredients and work into a paste of even consistency. Voila you have your own aloe facial scrub recipe for normal skin or a great wake up call in the mornings.

Aloe Vera Scrub For Deep Cleansing


  • 1 tbs baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon of Himalayan rock salt
  • ½ cup of fresh Aloe Vera Gel
  • 1 teaspoon of manuka honey
  • 1 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice
  • ¼ cup mineral water


  1. Mix up contents in a container and aim for an even consistency. Then your paste is ready to use for deep cleaning and exfoliation.

We hope you have fun with these and we also think you should try each one to see which works best for you. Or we don’t mind if you simply use our recipes for inspiration to come up with your own unique Aloe Vera facial scrub recipes.

Remember to use none of these more than twice per week and carry on with your normal skin regiment.

Sharing is caring and we really hope these benefit your health and beauty regimen just like they did for us, so please feel free to share these recipes with your friends on social media using the buttons below.

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