Aloe Vera is Awesome for Healing Stretchmarks
Use Aloe Vera for Stretchmarks

Aloe Vera is Awesome for Healing Stretchmarks


Do you want to learn how to get rid of stretch marks fast?

Then you have found the right place, where many of your questions will be answered. In this article you will learn all about the ways to get rid of stretch marks naturally, using the healing properties of the health-enhancing aloe vera plant. Also included here are home remedies and recipes you can make within the comfort and privacy of your own home, and soon you will see the beautiful results. No longer will you be embarrassed by the unsightly stretch marks, or Striae as they are also called. Aloe Vera for stretch marks truly lives up to its promises.

Here is a good resource and another good recipe for using Aloe to clear up stretchmarks.

Use Aloe Vera for Stretchmarks

Aloe vera is a plant that is found all over the world, and includes over 350 varieties. Every variety of the aloe vera plant has the same healing properties within its water-holding leaves, and there are many uses for the versatile Aloe vera gel to meet your health and beauty needs.

Aloe vera has long been known throughout many regions of the world for its healing properties on cuts and burns. Wherever the Aloe vera plant grows, people have been fortunate enough to learn the health benefits of this succulent plant. In current times, researchers have conducted evidence-based studies to find out even more about what these health and beauty benefits are—and the results of their research has added to our knowledge to include a wide assortment of interesting facts.

Use Aloe Vera for Stretchmarks

For example, recent studies have shown additional benefits in using this resourceful substance as a health and beauty product. Aloe vera is especially valuable when we are talking about skin care products that enhance a natural healthy glow. Aloe vera can vitally enhance the look of beautiful skin, including skin which has been afflicted with some stretch marks.

Beautiful skin is one of the most favored attributes in every culture, and Aloe vera is an essential tool for beauty enhancement naturally As only one of many proven results of the favored Aloe vera gel, this amazing product helps to heal the unfavorable scars caused by stretch marks.

There is nothing beautiful about stretch marks. When you find these unsightly Striae on your otherwise healthy and beautiful skin, you want to know how to get rid of stretch marks fast. In order to find the most effective and natural way to eliminate stretch marks, first it is helpful to learn the facts about Aloe vera and how this natural substance can benefit you.

Learning all about Aloe vera is simple once you start to do your research, and you can start right here, today. This is the first positive step in eliminating stretch marks, and you will find that the road to health and beauty the natural way is a happy one. By applying your knowledge in your daily beauty regime, you will find out how to get rid of stretch marks naturally.

How do stretch marks actually form in the first place?

It is a common belief that stretch marks or Striae are caused by the skin stretching, which may be the result of rapid weight gain or pregnancy. The processes involved will gradually form tiny rips beneath the skin tissues, appearing as unattractive streaks of color, either pink or white in most cases. As a result, people who have stretch marks may find their self-esteem is lowered and they do not feel comfortable with their body.

Many of the processes involved with the formation of Striae are somewhat baffling, and evidence-based studies have shed light on some reasons. Recently, researchers have found that the cause of stretch marks has not so much to do with rapid weight gain or loss or even pregnancy weight, but is actually caused by hormonal changes within the body.

Women will commonly experience significant hormonal shifts in three phases of life: puberty, pregnancy, and the menopausal years. For men, the effects of both puberty and middle age may cause a hormonal imbalance. Men and women may both find the small “stretch marks” begin to form now during these times of hormonal change. These noticeable skin changes are tiny new scars beneath the outer layer of skin, or epidermis, caused by a shift in the metabolism rate along with the hormonal changes.

The percentage of women who will get stretch marks is high, from seventy to ninety percent in some groups. Striae occur often during pregnancy, as many women realize, but certain groups have been identified as most prone to get stretch marks. They include:

• Women with mothers who have or had them
• Women with very light skin
• Women who have had stretch marks since puberty or from an earlier weight gain

Healthcare professionals all concur that using a moisturizer containing Aloe on these areas is beneficial to their treatment. Organic Aloe contains properties to prevent and reduce the unsightly appearance of “stretch marks.” There are so many important reasons why the uses of aloe vera in your daily beauty regimen can help you eliminate stretch marks for good.

How does Aloe Vera Help stretch marks?

Can Aloe Vera Gel help get rid of stretch marks? The simple answer is Yes! Aloe vera is an amazing plant that has many medicinal qualities. For thousands of years, aloe vera has been known to women as a natural beauty product, used in such versatile ways as directly applied in skin care, teeth and gum care, and as a healthy food product as well. This is because aloe vera has a mixture of healthful plant ingredients.

Additionally, aloe vera holds water within the leaves and when you cut open an aloe vera leaf, a wonderful, gel-like substance is released. The healing properties of the aloe vera gel can be directly applied to any number of cuts and burns for immediate relief on an open cut.

Use Aloe Vera for Stretchmarks

So imagine the healing qualities of the aloe vera plant’s substance on stretch marks. By applying aloe vera plant gel directly onto your stretch marks on a daily basis or more, you will see remarkable improvement in a very short time. Aloe vera has all of the ingredients needed to get rid of stretch marks fast. Aloe vera can truly show you how to get rid of stretch marks naturally.

The aloe vera plant includes natural antioxidants that give it a unique edge over synthetic products used for similar purposes. Antioxidants are well-known in their seemingly magical properties of repairing many types of cell damage. As part of a healthy diet program in every woman’s life, it is important to eat a wide variety of foods that contain natural antioxidants—including fruits, vegetables, and healthy grains. Evidence-based studies suggest that these dietary choices increase the likelihood of excellent health and beautiful skin. Yet even these good healthy eating practices do not go far enough for stretch mark elimination.

The many healthy benefits of using Aloe Vera every day are based on the natural ingredients of the aloe vera plant. These ingredients are nature’s way of ensuring good health and a natural, glowing beauty in our skin care products. The natural approach has a far more valuable consequence in our beauty regimen than using synthetic, or man-made, products. Only the natural way of reducing and erasing stretch marks can give us the assurance we like to have for beneficial healthy results and stretch mark elimination. These results are sure to produce better skin, a more attractive skin, and a truly healthier skin as well. The reasons for these scientifically supported claims are due to the Aloe Vera plant’s natural components, which are compatible with our own good health.

For several decades, Aloe Vera has been used in many topical ointments and non-prescription medications to aid in fast relief of skin burns of all types, including sunburns associated with over-exposure to the sun’s harmful rays. Especially during the hot summer months, it is highly beneficial to keep Aloe Vera around as a first aid product for the entire family. And what better time of year for you to take special care to eliminate stretch marks, when your skin will be more exposed to the elements and for everyone to see? Just think how beautiful you will look in a bathing suit, as your stretch marks begin to fade as a result of your diligent beauty skin care routine!

Why should you use Aloe Vera for stretch mark elimination?

Some studies have begun to point to the idea that Aloe Vera gel actually slows down the aging process on our skin. In the case of eliminating stretch marks, Aloe Vera has definitely shown wonderful results in the skin damage that is caused by Striae, when applied faithfully on a daily basis. The use of Aloe vera gel, in conjunction with other natural and easily found ingredients–listed below in several unique recipes–truly will give you the results you are looking for in eliminating stretch marks.

Use Aloe Vera for Stretchmarks

There are many scientific reasons to support both how and why Aloe Vera can help you get rid of stretch marks fast. The healthy properties that Aloe possesses which are beneficial to this particular skin condition allow it to have a significantly positive effect. In addition to the water content, Aloe Vera has many essential vitamins and minerals stored within its leaves. Some of these essentials include:


Aloe Vera contains Vitamin E. This important vitamin has been shown in some research as an excellent benefit to aid in reducing the number of stretch marks one may get, even before they form. Vitamin E is effective when used as a preventative. In addition, Vitamin E nourishes the skin and keeps it moist and healthy. These are all significant factors for a woman to know on the topic of having beautiful skin glow and tone.


The Aloe Vera plant has two unique hormones with anti-inflammatory agents, called Auxins and Gibberellins. While these hormones are known to inhibit and reduce inflammation, they also serve as a growth hormone that replenishes our skin cells. This two-fold process minimizes the redness often associated with stretch marks, so the Striae are much less visible on our skin.

One of the effects of hormonal shifts occurs when Corticosteroid releases into your body. This hormone causes the production of Collagen to slow down, especially during pregnancy, making this a vulnerable time for stretch marks to form.


The use of Aloe for stretch marks is common practice, because many people are aware of its healing properties. The plant collagens inside this amazing plant’s gel are truly remarkable in their ability to replace them naturally in our skin. These collagens have been proven to increase skin elasticity and assist in providing the body with the collagen that it needs because, as stated above, it is not producing enough. This may help with any stretching of the skin, and soon you will see beautiful results. This has a two-fold effect on your self-esteem—you know that you are taking good care of your body, and you will also feel more beautiful because of the positive results.


Aloe contains high levels of antioxidants which neutralize any free radicals in the body that may damage the tissue of the skin, thus repairing any current damage. In some cases, Aloe Vera treatment can work well on stretch marks up to five years old. Aloe has the unique capability to penetrate the skin both deeply and quickly, while providing extreme moisture in the area where applied. The antimicrobials found in Aloe also help prevent skin allergies, which is just a bonus! With every additional benefit you now understand that Aloe Vera can give you, there are so many reasons to start your beauty and health regimen today.

Aloe Vera recipes for treating stretch marks.

Aloe Vera itself has so many healing properties, and to rid yourself of stretch marks faster, here are some recipes for do-it-yourself Aloe rubs. These soothing rubs also work well when used together with the benefits of some other natural ingredients. All of these components will be a natural way for you to eliminate stretch marks, and are sure to make you feel truly wonderful about your skin care regime. NB! Always consult your medical practitioner before starting any new health regime to find out what will work for your body.


Step 1– Gather together your ingredients: Pure Aloe gel, Tea Tree essential oil and Organic Cocoa or Shea Butter. Be sure that you have purchased the organic and pure forms of these ingredients and not a synthetic version.
Step 2– In the morning cleanse the affected area with soap, rinse and dry. Apply the Aloe gel to the area.
Step 3– Around lunchtime, apply Cocoa or Shea Butter to the area.
Step 4– Repeat step 3 as often as you like before bedtime
Step 5– Before going to sleep, apply the Tea Tree oil.
This recipe is to be used every day. The older your stretch marks are will determine how long you need to use this method for. The longer you have had them, the longer it will take to repair them.


Step 1– Gather together your ingredients: Organic Olive Oil, 6 Vitamin E capsules, Organic Aloe Vera gel and 4 Vitamin A capsules.
Step 2– In an airtight container mix ¼ c. of organic Aloe gel and ½ cup of organic Olive oil. Squeeze the liquid from the 6 Vitamin E capsules, as well as the liquid from the 4 Vitamin A capsules into the container. Mix well.
Step 3– Apply to the affected area, daily
*Keep refrigerated

Recipe 2.1(a variation of Recipe 2)

Step 1– Gather your ingredients: Organic Aloe Vera gel, 10 capsules of Vitamin E and 6 Capsules of Vitamin A.
Step 2– In an airtight container squeeze the liquid out of all 10 Vitamin E capsules and all 6 Vitamin A capsules. Mix together with ¼ cup of organic Aloe Vera gel.
Step 3– Apply to the affected area daily
Also, it is possible and beneficial to use pure Aloe Vera gel directly on the area. Just rub it on and leave it for about 5-7 minutes and then rinse off with lukewarm water.

Recipe 3

Step 1– Gather your ingredients: the juice of a fresh lemon and organic, pure Aloe Vera Gel.
Step 2– Mix the two ingredients into a paste type substance.
Step 3– Apply to the affected area daily
All of the above stretch mark treatments include Aloe Vera gel, are easy to make at home, and best of all, are all natural. Every one of these recipes has been shown to improve or even eliminate the look of stretch marks in only two or three weeks! It won’t be long before you really being to see the beautiful results of your daily effort towards a more beautiful you.

In addition to using one or more of these recipes, healthcare professionals also recommend using an all-natural stretch mark cream. There are many varieties of natural products to mix together to form such a cream, and best of all you can find most of these ingredients at your local supermarket or health food store. You can make your own all-natural stretch mark cream with ingredients such as: Licorice extract, Shea butter, as well as peptides and fruit extracts. By combining these ingredients with Aloe Vera, and using the cream daily, you can reduce the appearance of stretch marks even more quickly.

Peptides are found in common foods with a protein element, where amino acids combine together into the protein molecule. Food products which are high in peptides include dairy products such as milk and yogurt. By adding milk and yogurt to your list of natural ingredients, you may find more variety in your recipes and an even faster way to eliminate stretch marks naturally.

Additionally, yogurt products actually feel good on your skin and will give the daily regimen a time in your day that you can look forward to—which naturally will mean that you are more likely to continue your beauty regimen every day, at least once a day and preferably twice daily. Remember that the more often you use your recipes, the faster your stretch marks will begin to disappear. Be creative with your recipes, and feel free to mix several natural ingredients together. All of these products are safe and healthy for you to use on your skin, and they have a fresh, aromatic scent as well. Enjoy!

Here are some additional recipe ideas to get you started, as you continue to attain your goal—towards a healthy, all natural way to eliminate stretch marks.

Recipe 4

Step 1– Gather your ingredients: Licorice extract, fruit extracts, plain yogurt, and organic, pure Aloe Vera Gel.
Step 2– Mix all ingredients into a paste type substance.
Step 3– Apply to the affected area daily

Recipe 5

Step 1– Gather your ingredients: Strawberry fruit extract and cream, Shea butter and organic, pure Aloe Vera Gel.
Step 2– Mix all ingredients into a paste type substance.
Step 3– Apply to the affected area daily


How to get rid of old stretch marks?

Although these recipes have been shown to help with stretch marks as quickly as a couple of weeks, there is something you should keep in mind to avoid disappointment or frustration. The longer you have had the stretch marks, the longer it will take to treat them. If your stretch marks have been with you for many years, it may take a couple of months or more of Aloe Vera treatment to see results. However, by making this part of your daily health regime soothing and relaxing, the time will probably slip by very quickly and soon you will be experiencing the added joy of eliminating the stretch marks.

Prevention is always the key when it comes to any affliction. Trying to avoid the formation of stretch marks in the first place is always going to serve you best. In order to do this, you can use any of the recipes in this article and apply to the areas of the body most apt to develop stretch marks.

These areas include:
• Breasts
• Upper Arms
• Stomach
• Flanks
• Back
• Hips

Use Aloe Vera for Stretchmarks

Especially for women who are going through the hormonal changes including puberty, pregnancy, and menopause—at any of these life changes—these proven recipes and variations of them as well can be very beneficial in preventing stretch marks to form. You may be someone who will be fortunate enough to avoid skin damage in these sensitive areas by learning about these preventative measures, and teaching others how simple and enjoyable it is to use all-natural remedies.

However, if you have had stretch marks over a long period of time there are still many effective ways to get rid of stretch marks. As part of an overall health regimen, eating a well-balanced, healthy diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, and healthy grains will always help any skin condition, including stretch marks. Add this nutritional boost to your Aloe Vera daily skin program, using the recipes provided here, and drink plenty of water as well. Soon you will see amazing and beautiful results as you have learned how to get rid of old stretch marks.

Aloe Vera is a number one contender for being the most beneficial plant on the planet. With its many healing properties it can treat so many ailments, including stretch marks. No matter if you have had them for years, months, weeks, or if your objective is to prevent them in the first place–stretch marks are no match for Aloe Vera gel.

With the backing of the medical community and homeopathic practitioners across the board, Aloe is highly recommended and has been found to be beneficial and successful in the treatment of stretch marks. Whether you think they are caused by hormone changes or the simple stretching of the skin, stretch marks will happen and with the tools in this article, hopefully you feel confident that you are ready to battle those pesky stretch marks and boost your self-esteem!

Soon you may be wearing that bathing suit you want to without feeling self-conscious. All of these beauty objectives can be accomplished just by using the gel from the Aloe Vera plant.

We hope this article has helped you on the road to a better body. Please feel free to share this with your friends or anyone who would find it beneficial and spread the healthy word about how powerful Aloe Vera can be.

Stay Healthy Folks 🙂





Aloe Vera for stretch marks

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