Aloe Vera Benefits Oral Health

Aloe Vera benefit: Oral Health


Chew on this: Aloe Vera can boost your Oral Health!

Among the research on Aloe Vera and its clinical uses, Aloe Vera use maintains a positive presence in natural dentistry. There have been multiple testimonials of both patients and dentists finding Aloe Vera benefits in regards to their oral cavity. Also, due to the amazing healing properties of Aloe Vera, it is no wonder both dentists and patients enjoy its oral benefits.

Aloe Vera for Mouth Sores

If Aloe Vera treatment has many positive effects on skin healing, why wouldn’t it have the same effects in the oral cavity?

There is documentation throughout time that Aloe Vera use has many benefits for skin and even digestive healing. Egyptian queens used Aloe Vera for cosmetic skin purposes. Alexander the Great gave Aloe to his soldiers for faster wound repair. There are studies that link the constituents within the Aloe Vera plant to accelerated healing and wound repair. In 1993, the University of Texas did a study of patients after full face dermabrasion and noticed wound healing was 72 hours faster with Aloe Vera side treatments versus the control side. Since the outer skin is similar to the inner cavity of the mouth and digestive system, it is no wonder Aloe Vera can have healing benefits in both skin and mouth.

As we already know, the polysaccharides in Aloe Vera increases wound healing. Also, Aloe Vera is also highly anti-inflammatory, due to its polysaccharides in the mucilage layer of the leaf. In addition to its anti-inflammatory properties, Aloe Vera is also known for its anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial effects. Aloe Vera is the total package for healing both internal and external wounds such as dental problems.

Clinical Benefits of Aloe Vera for Oral Health

Periodontist Timothy Moore, who documented his patients over the last 14 years, has seen the attributes of Aloe Vera use on his patients. Of the 6,000 patients he has seen, he has seen positive effects with healing, swelling, and pain. The periodontist used Aloe Vera for the positive healing effects within the entire oral cavity. He believes that the Aloe Vera plant will be used in the future for its antiviral, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory benefits of patients. As discussed above, Aloe Vera affects the inner lining of the oral cavity in the same way it affects the outer skin cells of a human.

How to heal Mouth Sores:

The best way to treat mouth sores and other dental issues is with Aloe Vera Gel straight from the plant itself.  Just break the leaf or cut the rind off and put the inner Aloe Vera Gel directly on the sore. It is recommended to use a small amount first to determine if any unusual adverse reaction may occur. To buy a plant, visit our products page!

Treatments with Aloe Vera could possibly be much more natural and safer than other anti-inflammatory, analgesic medications used commonly in dental practices. Gum soreness is commonly treated with lidocaine which numbs the pain but does not promote tissue healing like Aloe Vera gel. Treatment with Aloe Vera would not only help inflammation but also decrease the healing time from post-surgical wounds.

From canker sores to gum inflammation, could Aloe Vera be used first for alleviation as a safe and natural alternative? What do you think? Leave us a comment below and tell your Aloe Vera story.


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