Aloe Vera Side Effects

Have you experienced any side effects while taking Aloe Vera or by using Aloe Vera Products?


Aloe Vera, like any other health product you put in or on your body, can have adverse side effects. It is extremely important to both monitor and document any changes good or bad that occur after its use. Even though Aloe Vera has been used widely around the world for many centuries, there can still be adverse reactions that may occur when adding it to one’s health regime and precautions should be taken.

According to National Institute of Health, there are no documented adverse reactions to topical, external use of Aloe Vera. However, the NIH also reports that there are some possible side effects with internal oral use of Aloe Vera. Abdominal cramping and diarrhoea have been reported due to the laxative effects of the aloin component of the plant. There have been a few reports of acute hepatitis but there is no clinical research or scientific evidence behind those claims. The American Pregnancy Association has claimed that Aloe Vera may be unsafe during pregnancy due to drops in blood sugar and uterine contractions.

In 2011, the National Toxicology Program performed a study that found that whole leaf Aloe Vera added to the water of rats over two years increased their risk of colon cancer. However, the mice in the study had no evidence of pathology. Aloe Vera leaders are striking back by claiming that the Aloe Vera used in this study was not comparable to the type of Aloe Vera consumed by humans. Also, this was one study done on rats and mice over two years by the United States government department. Of course, there must be other non-biased research that needs to be done to maintain the claims made by this study.

As a result, any use of Aloe Vera products, like any other supplement added to one’s health regime, must be carefully monitored for signs of adverse side effects. Also, notification to your health care provider or wellness doctor is imperative. Please be sure to stop consumption immediately of any Aloe Vera products if any side effects occur.

Have you had any reactions to Aloe Vera or products with Aloe Vera in it?

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