How often do you water an Aloe Plant.

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  1. Pictures of an over-watered plant and pictures of an under-watered plant would be most helpful!
    I can’t find specific pictures anywhere.
    Also, this article never mentioned what type of aloe they were talking about… are the directions ok for all aloes?

  2. My plant started to die a couple of years ago, someone advised me to water it with tepid tea, this I tried and brought it back to life. My plant stands on the kitchen windowsill in the full sunlight and I water it about ever 2 to 3 weeks in the summer and less often in winter but still give it a cup of tea every now and then to keep it healthy. The gel is just great for healing insect bits.

  3. this is the first time that i have had ALOE VERA PLANT i must say that i like having it around I am not good at keeping plants i tend to over water them but i realy going to try this time .Thankyou for your tips they so helpful yours Barbara.

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