Aloe Vera Seeds, Learn How To Grow An Aloe Vera Plant At Home

How to grow an Aloe Plant from Aloe Vera Seeds

Have you ever thought about growing your own Aloe Vera plant at home from Aloe seeds? The thought is fascinating to many of us but knowing where to start is not something we all know how to do or where to start.

The good news is that you don’t have to be born with green fingers to successfully grow an Aloe plant from seeds. Plants can be grown in most countries as they are a natural born survivor and a very strong willed plant.

Combine that with proper equipment, knowledge on how to care for the plant and the right willpower and patience and you can quite easily grow an Aloe plant wherever you are in the world!

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Why is it a good idea to grow your own Aloe Vera plant at Home?

    • Growing your own Aloe Vera plant means that you can assure it has been handled with the greatest of care.
    • You can do it for fun and the process of learning becomes very relaxing and a fruitful hobby when you master the techniques.
    • Having access to your own aloe vera means you can make your own fresh Aloe Vera products at home.
    • After you have successfully grown an Aloe plant, you can grow several at one time and this means you will have access to a plant that greatly improve your diet and health.

How long will my Aloe Vera plant take to grow?

Most Aloe seeds will only take a few months to grow a reliable healthy root structure. In this time one must keep an eye on the seeds as this is when they are most fragile and can be prone to fungal infections. If any fungus damages the seeds they will not grow.

Aloe Vera Seedlings

Where can you buy Aloe Vera seeds from?

When buying Aloe Vera seeds one should not rush into buying from the first source you come across. If you are looking for rare species then you would probably need to contact a specialist.

Growing True Aloe seeds means you want to get ones as fresh as possible, that have been cultivated properly and handled with due care.

  • You can buy aloe seeds from Farmer’s markets and reputable local plant/ flower growing services. If you can get them locally this is usually the best way to get your Aloe plant seeds.
  • This is not to say that other sources will not be good, but being able to transport your seeds home straight from the source or locally means you can ensure they are handled with care.
  • Buying Aloe seeds online can be good also as you can compare and research a lot of different suppliers from around the world. Any good suppliers should have a solid reputation and plenty of reviews available.
  • We make available ready grown Aloe Vera Plants and also Aloe Vera Seeds for purchase through our products page, you can check them out by clicking here.

How to store your Aloe Vera seeds before planting

If you have spare seeds that you won’t be planting immediately or will be travelling with them at any time, It is wise to follow these top tips.

  • Store your seeds in a cool, dark place. Too much heat or cold temperatures can damage the seeds and will mean they are less likely to germinate.
  • You can store seeds in paper envelopes or plastic bags to help keep them from drying out also.
Aloe Vera Seeds Ready For Potting

What equipment will you need to grow your own Aloe Vera plant?

First you will need to decide on if you are growing your Aloe plant indoors or outdoors. Both require a different protocol. It is much easier to grow your own Aloe Vera plants from seeds in warmer climates and will require less equipment.

Growing your plant from seeds is different to growing from a seedling and requires more dedication at the beginning.

    Other things to consider

    There will be a few things you need to consider before, during and after the set up of your aloe vera seed operation.

    Remember that growing your Aloe from seeds is going to take a lot longer than growing a plant from seedling. This is simply nature doing it’s thing and we should never try and rush that in order to have the best possible outcome.

    It can take several years for an Aloe Barbadensis seed to reach full bloom and becoming a beautiful flowering plant that can be enjoyed year after year. It is imperative that you pick a place that the plant will grow with adequate sunlight- indoors or outdoors.

    Steps to grow your own Aloe Vera plant

    Growing your own Aloe plant from seeds is a lot of fun and you may even be able to find seeds that are not available to be bought as seedlings or full grown plants, so it can actually open up many doors for your plant range and variety.

    You will certainly get a lot more reward and sense of accomplishment from doing it this way. Then when the plant is fully grown you will have your own source of readily available seeds to grow even more plants, Reap what you sew!

    Sewing your Aloe Vera seeds for germination

    Aloe plants are used to dry and arid climates. They are succulent plants that grow in warm, dry climates but can still thrive elsewhere in modern society- now that we have the correct knowledge and advancements to grow them. Here is our 10 step process on how to plant Aloe seeds.


    Combine 2 parts sand with 1 part perlite, 1 part sterile compost. Stir up the components whilst adding water. The mixture should feel quite moist an all of the mixture should have the same consistency.


    Pack the mixture into a 2-3 inch deep nursing flat suitable for your seeds. Mixture should fill the flat up until a quarter inch from the top. Press down and flatten the surface area to make it even and get rid of any trapped air pockets.


    Lay your aloe seeds an inch apart from each other atop the surface of the sand mixture. Gently press each seed onto the surface of the sand mixture. Don’t use your fingers but use the flat part of your palm to avoid damaging the seeds. You should then cover the seeds with another thin layer of sand mixture.


    Then place your nursery flat on a large work surface area that is safe and secure. The seeds are going to need 8- 10 hours of sunlight per day. A fluorescent lamp may be needed if you are not in a place with adequate sunlight.


    You will need to keep the flat nursing tray atop of a heat mat set to around 70 F. The mat will need to be kept on at all times during the germination process for your seeds to grow properly. A plastic sheet wrap is also ideal to help trap in the warmth and give the seeds the right environment.


    Remove the plastic wrap whenever there appears to be a build of moisture formed from condensation. This can cause fungus to grow and kill the seeds if not tended to.


    Spray the aloe seeds in the sand mixture to prevent it drying out on the surface area. Do not saturate the plant seeds but don’t saturate the soil either. Just enough water to keep the area damp is enough. Avoid allowing the sand to become dry for longer than 8 hours at a time.


    Apply this care daily and after 4 months you should be able to notice little seedlings sprouting from the soil. The nursery tray should be kept on the heat mat for another 2 weeks post germination phase.


    At this point begin watering the seedlings by drizzling water around each sprout. Water each sprout with a tablespoon of water every third day.


    Carefully remove the aloe seedlings into individual small plant pots using the same growing mixture that you used for the germination process. Be very careful when transport the seedlings as they are very delicate. Continue to water them every 3 days and you will be on your way to growing some flourishing Aloe Vera plants!

    We hope we've answered the question of how to grow an Aloe Vera Plant from Seeds. We also hope we have given you some encouragement and some inspiration  to try this at home yourself as it is not that difficult when you follow these easy steps. Please feel free to ask any other questions and please leave us some comments on how you are getting on growing your own plants at home.

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