Aloe Vera Gel Benefits

Aloe Vera Gel Benefits

Aloe vera is an amazing plant that grows in dry climates like in Africa and India. For centuries, Aloe Vera has been used for internal and external medicinal uses by the ancient Egyptians who called Aloe Vera the “plant of immortality.”

Aloe Vera Gel Uses

Aloe Vera is a time tested and honored approach to gaining strength within the body and improving your overall health. Most people think of Aloe Vera as a topical ointment for scrapes and burns, but it used for so much more. Aloe Vera can be used on your hair and scalp for healthier hair and on the bottom of your feet to get rid of flay and dry skin. Aloe Vera works on both skin burns from a fire or flames, and even soothes the tingling sensation from getting sun burned. You could replace most of the bandages, antibacterial sprays and lotions in your first aid kit with Aloe Vera.

Not only does Aloe Vera hydrate and nourish the skin for a smooth appearance, but Aloe Vera also enhances the health of the skin. Aloe Vera helps your skin repair itself by accelerating the regeneration of new skin tissue. And while most people think that Aloe Vera works on your skin from the outside, drinking Aloe Vera juice also improves your skin from the inside too.

In addition to external benefits, Aloe Vera can be consumed for internal benefits as well. Research from the University of Belgrade School of Medicine has shown that Aloe Vera boosts the immune system, not only stopping the growth of cancer tumors, but destroying the tumor as well. The anti inflammatory properties of Aloe Vera make it a great solution for reducing arthritis pain by easing the inflammation of the joints.

Research done at the Linus Pauling Institute of Science & Medicine has shown that Aloe Vera has a curative effect on many digestive disorders like ulcers, Celiac and Crohn’s disease, even occasional constipation, because it contributes to your electrolyte balance. In addition to all of this, Aloe Vera has become increasingly recognized for its anti-diabetic properties with diabetics who have experienced significant drops in blood sugar levels and overall lower cholesterol levels ingesting Aloe Vera juice.

Aloe Vera Gel Benefits

Choose only organically grown Aloe Vera

When using Aloe Vera for treatment of ailments, your top priority should be to evaluate the quality and purity of the plant. Only 100% organically grown Aloe Vera plants should be used to ensure the integrity of the enzymes, especially when it is used internally. An Aloe Vera plant secrets a clear gel that contains 12 vitamins, 20 minerals, 75 nutrients, 18 amino acids and 200 active enzymes.

Aloe Vera plants that are not organically grown 100% may contain pesticides. Care should also be taken to avoid the sap of the Aloe Vera plant because of the aloin that is found in the sap. Aloin is a compound that was once the most common ingredient in laxative products. As of 2003, Aloin has been banned as a class III ingredient by the Food and Drug Administration, as it is not safe for internal consumption. By ensuring your plant is 100% organically grown, your decrease the chances of the Aloe Vera triggering an unwanted side effect or interacting with other supplements or medications.

Adverse reactions to Aloe Vera

To find out about the adverse reactions of Aloe Vera please read our blog post here.

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