Benefits of Aloe Vera

Benefits of Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera creams and gels are widely used and found on the market to promote both internal and external health. As with any health product, a consumer must be educated before making any decisions on what they are buying. This is true with not only internal but also external applications of Aloe Vera.

 Benefits of Aloe Vera

Although the National Institute of Health website states that not enough evidence has been done to support the clinical use of Aloe Vera, there is both little anecdotal and clinical research to support any dangerous side effects on its usage. A systematic review of ten studies was done in the British Journal of General Practice in 1999 that illustrated the effects of Aloe Vera clinically.

In all of the studies, the author concluded that there were little to no side effects of the treatments. Side effects included contact dermatitis, burning after topical use, and mild itching. All of these side effects were reversible. However, there has not been any evidence of overtoxicity during rat studies. There are some websites that do not recommend Aloe Vera treatments for patients with Chron’s disease and pregnant women but there are no cites for clinical references.

Aloe Vera Benefits

Aloe Vera has been used for centuries as a safe treatment for a multitude of conditions. Christopher Columbus stated that Aloe was one of the attributes to his success with global travels and explorations. The medicinal qualities of Aloe Vera were used throughout ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt and China.

There are 75 active biological constituents in Aloe Vera that have been documented individually to promote many different healthy responses in the body. Of these responses, wound healing and anti-inflammation are the two most researched properties of Aloe Vera. Dr. Davis published multiple articles in the American Journal of Podiatric Medicine Association on the anti-inflammatory effects of the components gibberellin and mannose phosphate.

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Natural Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

With the known side effects of NSAIDs, the most popular pain/inflammation drugs, why not try the more natural approach first? Before trying Aloe Vera products, investigate the products you will be using. Make sure that the Aloe Vera is from a pure source without artificial ingredients and preservatives (ie. Parabens). Always choose higher quality Aloe Vera plants, Aloe Vera Gels, Aloe Vera Juices or products over the most cost effective options. We highly recommend only choosing organically grown Aloe Vera that has been harvested without the use of growth hormones or pesticides to get the very best out of this magical healing plant.


How has Aloe Vera Benefited You?

Do you have an Aloe Vera Story to tell? A product you would like to recommend? A product that you disliked? Or if you would like to share the benefits you have experienced while using Aloe Vera. Please leave us a comment below and join in the conversation.

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